Komodo Dragons

24" x 24" gouache
National Zoo Washington, DC


Illustration for
"The Nature of Things
on Sanibel"

Leopard Frogs

20" x 16"

Party Geckos

Bubble Frogs

commissioned for
Puzzle Factory

Jackson's Chameleons

valentine for
Doug Emery

Crock Face

Pen & Ink 18" x 16"
Illustration for
David G Cambell

Green Sea Turtles

20" x 16"
colored pencil

Dolphin Shirt Co donated shirts of this design to an African aid organization that found this Malawian family near starvation. A year later I was pleased to get this photo of healthy children wearing their turtle shirts.

Toads in Amplexus

Lithograph 8" x 6"
Edition of 10 Anderson Ranch, Snowmass, CO